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Company Profile

Mike Griffin, the president of Griffin Properties, has over thirty years experience in the construction industry. His career began in 1966. He was offered a shipwright apprenticeship in the late 1960ís and continued working in the shipbuilding industry for six years. This gave him invaluable experience in joinery, cabinetry, lofting and large scale layouts.

He returned to house building in 1975, concentrating on residential construction with an emphasis on framing, finishing and cabinet making. Between 1975 and 1977 Mike built two of his own homes. The second was a timber frame house on the waterfront in the Saanich Inlet area.

In 1977 he worked with a partner developing land and building custom homes in the Oak Bay area of Victoria. Griffin Properties Ltd. was formed in 1980 and as now, specialized in the building of high end custom houses giving much care to provide the level of detail and finishing expected by our clients.

In order to meet deadlines and manage quality we started our own timber and millwork shop in 1996. By 1999 Griffin Properties found its facility too small to meet its needs. The company purchased a 3100 square foot warehouse tripling its timber and millwork shop area. Further expansion in 2001 allowed us to develop a state of the art spray booth for finishing and an additional 2000 square feet was purchased in 2003. This facility now encompasses approximately 7000 square feet of work space.

Our millwork shop is now run by a partner company, Sidney Architectural Millwork and Timber Company. It is managed by Brian Thompson, a 35 year veteran in residential and commercial millwork. He has a thorough understanding of cabinet making and joinery and is proficient in estimating and scheduling . There are fully certified journeymen, joinery carpenters and apprentices working in the millwork shop. Many have been long term employees with Griffin Properties and we can attest to their expertise.

We believe that one of the effective measures of a company is in the stability of its staff. Many of our employees and subtrades have worked with us for over twenty years. This dedicated team of professionals allows us to give you exceptional customer service, attention to detail and careful quality control producing a finished product that you can be proud of.

Our custom homes have ranged from 600 square foot renovations to 13,000 square foot new construction in many different structural styles. Many of these homes are on the waterfront around Victoria.

The following is a list of some of the architects and designers that we have worked with over the years:

  • Brian Morris, Architect - Victoria
  • FormWerks Architectural - Vancouver
  • Alan Lowe, Architect - Victoria
  • Pam Charlesworth, Architect - Victoria
  • Osburne & Clarke, Architects - Vancouver
  • John DiCastri, Architects - Victoria
  • Ernest Collins, Architect - Vancouver
  • JC Scott, Designer - Victoria
  • James Grieve, Designer - Victoria

Our work has been profiled in Fine Homebuilding's Houses, Canadian House & Home, Boulevard, and Western Living.

Griffin Properties has built many houses in a wide variety of construction styles and our clients are very proud of their homes. If you are interested, we can arrange for a tour of some of our projects.

Griffin Properties has been a member of the BBB since 1992.

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