8.8 – New & Young Workers


Griffin Properties Ltd. is committed to making all new and young workers aware of workplace hazards prior to starting work and on a continual basis through comprehensive orientations, training, mentoring, and effective communication.


  1. “new worker” means any worker who is;
    • a) new to the workplace
    • b) returning to a workplace where the hazards in that workplace have changed during the worker’s absence
    • c) affected by a change in the hazards of a workplace
    • d) relocated to a new workplace if the hazards in that workplace are different from the hazards in the worker’s previous workplace.
  2. “young worker” means any worker who is under 25 years of age.
Worker Induction
  1. All new workers will complete the applicable orientation process in accordance with established company procedure. (Orientations)
  2. All new employees of the company will receive an employee training book in accordance with established company procedure. (OH&S Program)
  3. In addition to (2), any new employee under 25 years old with fewer than 100 hours of industry-related experience will participate in the company mentoring program.
  1. The site supervisor or designate will ensure all employees participating in the mentoring program are partnered with an experienced company representative who is familiar with the jobsite, operations, and potential hazards, and is available at all times; anytime the assigned representative is unavailable, another qualified person will be assigned in their place.
  2. In the event a suitable company representative is unavailable to mentor the new employee, the supervisor will ensure the new employee is assigned to job duties or tasks that are considered to be low risk/hazard within the worker’s current abilities.
  3. The new employee will complete the Employee Mentoring Record on a daily basis and both the employee and mentor will initial; all completed Employee Mentoring Records will be kept in the new employee’s training book. (OH&S Program)
  4. The mentoring program will remain in effect every day until the new employee has demonstrated the ability to recognize hazards at the jobsite and work competently on their own.

Employees will receive documented, onsite training relevant to their job duties of the following:

  • policy and procedure
  • Power Tool Proficiency testing


8.9 Power Tool Proficiency – FORM