1.1 – Responsibilities


  1. MULTIPLE OWNER WORKPLACE – means a workplace where workers of 2 or more employers are working at the same time.
  2. OWNER – means the person(s) responsible for the land/premises that are being used as a workplace.
  3. PRIME CONTRATOR – means:
    • the party who enters into a written agreement with the owner of that workplace to be the prime contractor, or
    • the owner of the workplace if there is no written agreement
  4. SUBCONTRACTOR – means any employer working at the worksite that has not been designated as the prime contractor.


  1. Every worker will take reasonable care to protect their own health and safety and the health and safety of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions.
  2. In addition to (1), workers will:
    • know and follow all health and safety requirements
    • ask for training before beginning any task if they do not know how to do it safely
    • work safely and encourage their co-workers to do the same
    • correct any unsafe conditions or immediately report them to their supervisor
    • immediately report any injury to a first aid attendant or supervisor
    • take the initiative and make suggestions to improve health and safety


  1. Every supervisor will:
  2. In addition to (1), a supervisor will:
    • instruct workers in safe work practices/job procedures
    • ensure all workers are properly oriented and trained
    • ensure work is performed safely
    • ensure that only authorized, adequately trained workers operate tools and equipment, or use hazardous materials
    • ensure that equipment and materials are properly handled, stored, and maintained
    • enforce health and safety requirements
    • correct unsafe acts and conditions
    • identify workers with problems that could affect safety at the worksite
    • ensure the workplace is inspected regularly for hazards

Safety Representative (Injury Management Coordinator)

The safety representative/IM Coordinator will:

  • assist in the development, organization and implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program
  • interact constantly with personnel, the safety committee and the project team
  • help conduct training, new hire orientation and safety meetings (as applicable)
  • related documentation is organized, filed and summarized
  • act as the primary point of contact and coordinate applicable activities as defined in the Injury Management Program (Return to Work)


The employer will ensure the health and safety of all workers onsite, and will:

  • provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • ensure workers are adequately oriented and trained
  • keep written records of orientations and training
  • establish and maintain a comprehensive OHS program
  • support supervisors, safety representatives, and workers
  • immediately act upon reports of potentially hazardous situations
  • immediately investigate all incidents/accidents
  • report serious incidents/accidents to WorkSafeBC
  • provide adequate first aid facilities and services for workers
  • provide personal protective equipment where required


The owner will:

  • provide/maintain the owner’s premises in a manner that ensures the health and safety of persons at or near the workplace
  • give to the prime contractor known information that is necessary to effectively manage hazards at the workplace
  • ensure the prime contractor designated is qualified to accept/perform their legislated responsibilities

Multiple Employer Workplaces

  1. The prime contractor (or owner if no written agreement) of a multiple-employer workplace will:
    • ensure that the activities of employers, workers and other persons at the workplace relating to occupational health and safety are coordinated
    • will establish and maintain a system or process that will ensure compliance with all applicable legislated requirements in respect of the workplace
  2. Each employer (subcontractor) of workers at a multiple employer workplace will give to the prime contractor the name of the person they have designated to supervise their workers at that workplace.
  3. Where in the opinion of the subcontractor the prime contractor fails to meet their full obligations, the site supervisor or designate prior to commencing work will notify the prime contractor and either:
    • ensure the prime contractor provides the necessary resources to achieve compliance for the worksite in a reasonable amount of time, or
    • provide the necessary resources to achieve compliance for all workers under their direct supervision

Commitment & Responsibilities

Management shall endorse and support the Company Health and Safety Program and ensure that all employees are informed of what is expected of them regarding Health and Safety.

Supervisors are responsible and accountable for implementing company policies and procedures in the work place. Supervisors shall ensure that Workers are compliant with applicable rules, regulations and procedures.

Workers, as a condition of their employment, shall understand the rules and regulations set forth for them and conduct themselves in a manner of professionalism on the jobsite, and not to engage in any activity that could endanger or harm the well-being of themselves, others, or property.

Safety is our company’s number one concern, and our Health and Safety Program is dedicated to promoting safety awareness through employee education and training as we are committed to work in a spirit of consultation and cooperation with our employees.