11.02 – First Aid


The necessary first aid requirements for each operational worksite will be determined in accordance with established company procedure. (First Aid Assessments)


  1. Anytime the first aid attendant is made aware that a worker or workers have been injured he/she will:
    • promptly provide injured workers with a level of care within the scope of the attendant’s training
    • report the injury to the injured workers site supervisor or designate as soon as practicable
    • objectively record observed or reported signs and symptoms of injuries and exposures to contaminants in accordance with established company procedure (Incident Reporting)
  2. The first aid attendant is responsible, and has full authority, for all first aid treatment of an injured worker until responsibility for treatment is accepted:
    • at a place of medical treatment
    • by an ambulance service
    • by a person with higher or equivalent first aid certification
  3. The first aid attendant does not have authority to overrule a worker’s decision to seek medical treatment, or the worker’s choice of medical treatment.


  1. Each first aid attendant will:
    • be at least 16 years old
    • have successfully completed the first aid training course or first aid examination developed or approved by WorkSafeBC
    • have a first aid certificate in good standing at the required level issued by WorkSafeBC or a person recognized by WorkSafeBC
  2. The first aid attendant on duty will be physically and mentally capable of safely and effectively performing his/her required duties, and will have his/her certificate available onsite.


First aid equipment, supplies and facilities will be kept clean, dry, ready for use, and readily accessible at all times when employees are working onsite.


  1. The site supervisor or designate will ensure appropriate transportation is arranged for all workers to a medical treatment facility at their employer’s expense.
  2. Injured workers will not under any circumstance transport themselves to medical aid from the worksite, even for minor injuries.


Anytime first aid is administered or treatment advice is given to an injured worker the necessary documentation will be completed by the first aid attendant in accordance with established company procedure. (Incident Reporting)