2.1 – Hazard Assessment Document

Hazard Assessments can be a very effective means of helping reduce incidents, accidents and injuries in the workplace.  It is also to be used for new employee orientations and training.

Basic steps of the job will be broken down to list the workers Job Scope (the select job to be analysed); Sequence of Steps (How each step of the job will be performed); Safety Hazards associated with the job (identify each hazard) and Corrective Actions that will be taken to prevent incident or injury (determine what the preventative measures are, who will be exposed to the hazards and who will implement the corrective actions).


Along with unique hazards that must be identified and assessed they must be rated in order to show the severity level that employees must deal with when doing specific tasks. Use the following chart to help identify the hazard rating of each job task (NOTE: this also applies to all subcontractors):