3.0 – Safe Work Practices Overview

Contractors in all industries strive to get the job done on time, on budget and up to the high standards expected by clients. A major part of getting the job done within these parameters is doing it safely. Getting the job done safely means that the people involved follow Safe Work Practices, Safe Job Procedures, Rules and Regulations.


Safe work practices are a set of positive guidelines – or “Do’s and Don’ts” – on how to perform a specific task that may not always be done in a certain way.

Safe Work Practices are ways of controlling hazards and doing jobs with a minimum risk to people and property. To reduce risks, an organization must have a written set of Safe Work Practices outlining what is to be done in general terms for each job considered to be hazardous. These must be developed to fit the particular company. Management must understand and fully endorse these Safe Work Practices, and ensure that:

  • They are in writing.
  • They are related to the scope of work.
  • All employees understand the Safe Work Practices that apply to them.
  • Management and workers ensure that all Safe Work Practices are followed.