3.10 – Loading & Unloading Trailers


Loading and unloading various types of heavy loads has high potential for injury and equipment damage if not done correctly and at the right pace. Whenever company employees must complete a loading or unloading procedure for heavy cargo, they must abide by the following list to ensure their safety and the safety of their peers.


  • Ensure Transport vehicle/trailer is of a sufficient size and strength and of adequate design to handle the weight and size of the load.
  • A worker shall not leave unattended or in a suspended position any machinery or any part or extension to machinery unless the machinery has been immobilized and secured against accidental movement.
  • Make sure ramps are properly secured before loading and unloading
  • Labourers must stand clear and in eyesight of operators
  • Be aware of power lines
  • Be aware of slopes, ditches and grades
  • Only load and unload on flat level ground
  • Ensure loads are secured with ratchet straps, chains and boomers
  • Make sure all ratchet straps, chains and boomers are inspected for faults
  • Do not use faulty tie down equipment
  • Remove any faulty tie down equipment
  • Supervisor must be notified and replacement of tie down equipment must be done so immediately