3.16 – Grinder Use


  • Always wear eye protection and face shields when operating a grinder.
  • Remove hanging jewelry, confine long hair and roll up sleeves.
  • Adjust and tighten wheel guards in place.
  • If a spark guard is installed, adjust it to the correct place.
  • Check to ensure that blotters and wheel flanges have been used to mount the wheels onto the shaft.
  • Adjust and tighten the tool rest to within 1/8” from the wheel.
  • Inspect the wheels to ensure they have a speed rating greater than or equal to the grinder’s speed rating and that they are in good condition. Cracked or chipped wheels must be replaced.
  • Do not stand in line with the wheel when starting the grinder.
  • Do not use the side of the wheel when grinding; use the face only.
  • Both hands to securely support the grinder during operation.
  • Secure objects prior to operating (e.g. bench vice)
  • If the wheel vibrates; dress it (on the face only), replace it or replace the shaft bearings if they are worn.
  • Allow the object you are grinding to cool before handling it.
  • Unplug or lockout the grinder before doing repairs.
  • Never leave a grinder unattended while the wheels are turning.
  • Use fire blanket and/or spark screens where needed.
  • Remove all flammables and combustibles from the area prior to starting.