3.18 – Company Vehicles & Mobile Equipment

  1. All company vehicles and mobile equipment are to be inspected prior to their use for defects and conditions affecting the safe operation of the equipment.
  2. All drivers of company vehicles must possess a valid provincial driver’s license.
  3. Workers must not operate company vehicles while impaired by alcohol, fatigue, sickness or drugs.
  4. Drivers and all passengers must wear their seatbelts.
  5. Operators are encouraged to use running lamps or illuminated headlamps during daytime hours.
  6. Operators of mobile equipment of company vehicles are responsible for the safe operation of the rules regarding the operation of the equipment.
  7. When an operator has reason to believe that the equipment or the load is hazardous he must report it to the supervisor.
  8. Operators must obey all signs governing the movement, operation or parking of vehicles on any public or private road.
  9. Workers must not get on or off a moving vehicle except in an emergency.
  10. Operators must keep the cab, floor or deck of mobile equipment free of material, tools or other objects that could create a tripping hazard, interfere with the operation of controls or interfere with exiting the vehicle.
  11. Tools and equipment carried in any part of the vehicle or piece of mobile equipment where workers are riding must be placed or secured to prevent injury to workers.
  12. When an operator’s vision is obstructed, the operator shall not move the equipment until suitable precautions have been taken to protect themselves and any other workers from possible injury.  Precautions shall include:
    • a) Inspection, on foot, of the area into which the equipment will be moved; or
    • b) Direction by a signal person stationed in a safer position in continuous view of the operator and having an unobstructed view of the area into which the equipment will move; or
    • c) Direction by a traffic control or warning system; or
    • d) When the motion is in a reverse direction, the repeated sounding of an audible warning device while the equipment is in motion.
  13. The fuel tanks of vehicles shall not be filled:
    • a) While the engine is running.
    • b) While anyone is smoking in or around vehicle.
    • c) While there is any known spark or flame in the immediate area.
  14. Volatile or flammable material shall not be carried on a vehicle transporting workers unless they are carried:
    • a) In an isolated compartment accessible only from the outside; or
    • b) In an inside compartment separated from all persons by a firewall.