3.3 – Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquid must be stored in a special storage area, away from heat, spark, flame and the direct rays of the sun and in a location where flammable vapors cannot be communicated to open flame.  Bungs must be screwed tightly into barrels to prevent vapor loss.

When flammable liquid must be stored inside a building, approved safety cans must be used.

The fuel tanks of mobile equipment must not be filled:

  • While the engine is running.
  • While anyone is smoking in or around the vehicle.
  • While there is any known spark or flame in the immediate area.

Volatile or flammable materials must not be carried on a vehicle transporting workers unless such materials are carried;

  • In an isolated compartment accessible only from the outside; or
  • In an inside compartment separated from all persons by a firewall.

Gasoline and other flammable liquids may only be transferred from one container to another if steps to prevent static electricity accumulation have been implemented.  Static electricity may be controlled through the use of container contact or grounding.

Gasoline must be dispensed from the storage container by means of an approved pump.

Gasoline must not be used to start fires.