4.1 – Respirator


Griffin Properties Ltd. will make all reasonable attempts to eliminate respiratory hazards from the workplace; where the elimination of such hazards is not practicable, measures will be taken to ensure respirators are available, selected and used in accordance with OHS Regulation-Part B.


  1. The site supervisor or designate will ensure all respiratory protective equipment is selected and provided to workers where they may be exposed to concentrations of an air contaminant in excess of an applicable exposure or excursion limit, or to an oxygen deficient atmosphere.
  2. Respirators will not be used for protection against concentrations of an air contaminant greater than the maximum use concentration, as defined in OHS Regulation 8.34.
  1. All respirators will:
    • a) consist of compatible and suitable components
    • b) be sufficient to protect against the identified hazardous environment
    • c) meet and be used in accordance with an applicable CSA or ANSI standard
  2. Before using a respirator, all components of the system will be visually inspected by the end user.
  3. When not in use, all respirators will be:
    • a) stored indoors whenever possible, or
    • b) stored in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight and rain if possible
    • c) kept free of dirt, oil, grease, markers, chemicals, abrasive materials, and anything else that may damage the equipment
Respirator Fit Tests
  1. Wherever a respirator requires an effective seal with the face for proper functioning, a fit test which demonstrates the face-piece forms an effective seal with the wearer’s face will be performed by a qualified person or agency.
  2. The fit test will be carried out;
    • a) before initial use of a respirator
    • b) at least once a year
    • c) when there is a change in respirator face-piece
    • d) when changes to the user’s physical condition could affect the respirator fit
  3. Any personal protective equipment that is to be worn at the same time as a respirator and which could interfere with the respirator fit will be worn during the fit test.
  4. Workers will perform a positive and/or negative pressure user seal check in
  5. accordance with appropriate standards before each use of a respirator which requires an effective seal with the face for proper functioning.
  1. Employees will receive documented, onsite training relevant to their job duties on the following:
    • a) policy and procedure
    • b) practical, hands-on demonstration
  2. Any persons responsible for performing fit-testing will be certified to do so through a qualified agency.