5.0 – Company Rules


Cell Phones & Personal Media Devices

  1. All cell phones and personal media devices, except those issued for work purposes, will be turned off for the duration of the shift and will only be used during break time(s) in a protected area.
  2. No use of cell phones or PMD’s is permitted while operating a motor vehicle or mobile equipment under any circumstance unless it is strictly for the purpose of critical communication and is conducted using appropriate equipment within current legislative requirements.
  3. All company issued equipment is reserved for the purposes of business only unless permitted by company/management.
  4. All company issued equipment will be used in accordance with applicable legislation and will not be answered/operated on site or in situations where to do so would constitute a hazard.

Drugs & Alcohol

  1. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at the workplace unless they are prescribed by a physician and do not in any way hinder employee performance and/or cause a safety concern for that employee or anyone else present at the worksite.
  2. When reporting to work and/or the worksite no employee shall be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; employees taking prescription drugs are required to notify the site foreman or designate prior to the start of their shift to determine appropriate safe working conditions.
  3. If social functions are organized/sponsored in whole or in part by the company, attending employees at these functions shall behave in a socially responsible manner and be responsible for organizing a designated driver or other suitable transport method that ensures a safe return home.

Incident Reporting

  1. All workers will:
    • immediately report to the site supervisor or designate anytime an incident occurs,
    • immediately report to the acting first aid attendant or to the nearest first aid facility anytime an injury occurs (First Aid)
    • report to head office (first thing next business day) if medical sought after-hours
  2. Injured employees who leave the worksite without reporting and/or completing required documentation will be considered absent from work and:
    • will not receive pay for any missed time
    • may be subject to disciplinary action (Non-Compliance)
    • may have a formal objection filed against any claims for compensation benefits


  1. All workers employed onsite will continually monitor their work area throughout their shift for any suspected hazards; all suspected hazards, or unsafe conditions will be reported to the site supervisor or designate immediately.


  1. Employees will be immediately terminated for any of the following offences:
    • harming or threatening any person with a weapon at work or a company function
    • intentional misuse or tampering of company property including safety equipment
    • failure to notify the supervisor of impairments that could cause safety hazards
    • possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs at work
  2. In addition to (1) the company will use a progressive disciplinary action process for resolving other unsatisfactory/sub-standard employee activity.


  1. The site supervisor or designate will ensure each new employee receives an employee orientation prior to beginning work onsite.

Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Workers are expected to show up for all shifts with the necessary/appropriate personal protective equipment relative to their job duties; failure to bring or wear necessary PPE while at the worksite may result in disciplinary action.


  1. All workers have the right to:
    • know
    • participate
    • refuse unsafe work
  2. An employee who refuses unsafe work will not be subject to any form of discriminatory action.
  3. An employee who refuses to carry out a work activity will immediately report the circumstances of the unsafe condition to his/her site supervisor or designate.


  1. No employee will carry out or cause to be carried out any work he/she has reasonable cause to believe would create an undue hazard to the health and safety of themselves or anyone else at the worksite.
  2. In addition to (1) workers will:
    • know and follow all health and safety requirements
    • ask for training before beginning any task if they do not know how to do it safely
    • work safely and encourage their co-workers to do the same
    • correct any unsafe conditions or immediately report them to their site supervisor or designate
    • take the initiative and make suggestions to improve health and safety
  3. Every supervisor will:
  4. Every worker will take reasonable care to protect their health and safety and the health and safety of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at the worksite.

Return to Work

  1. Injured employees will stay in regular contact with the employer, make themselves available for return to work and participate in all reasonable plans offered by the employer.
  2. Injured employees will not perform any duties that are restricted, beyond their limitations and/or cause excessive pain to their effected area of injury.
  3. Anytime an injured employee experiences difficulty performing any work activities as a result of their injury he/she will immediately notify his/her site supervisor or designate; no reprimand will occur for refusing work based on a medical condition.

Safety Meetings

  1. The site supervisor or designate of each operational worksite will ensure a crew talk is conducted on regular basis or whenever significant changes to worksite conditions or work processes occur.

Safety Program

  1. The company program consists of the following main components:
    • company manual
    • worksite filing system
    • OHS Regulations
  2. The site supervisor or designate will ensure all company program components described above are available for worker review during operational hours.


  1. Smoking is only permitted on break/personal time in a designated smoking area.
  2. Designated smoking areas will be selected in accordance with applicable legislative requirements and those designated by the prime contractor/building owner and will NOT be located in any of the following areas:
    • enclosed area/building (office, sea can, warehouse/shop, accommodation, etc.)
    • within 6 meters of any buildings doorways, windows or air intakes
    • construction sites
    • company vehicles/equipment
  3. All employees are responsible for the safe extinguishing of all tobacco products and will ensure that refuse is disposed of in an appropriate manner that keep all areas clean and free of debris/litter.
Training Verification

I fully understand what has been presented to me, and give my personal commitment to actively participate and comply with all applicable regulation, procedures and instructions while I am onsite or representing the company.