3.13 – Mobile Equipment


Griffin Properties Ltd. will take all reasonable precautions/measures to ensure all mobile equipment onsite is operated, inspected, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and OHS Regulation Part 16.


  1. No employee shall operate mobile equipment unless he/she has been trained in its operation and has been approved by the company as an operator.
  2. All mobile equipment must be inspected by the operator each time it is refueled and as a part of the Pre-Start checklist.
  3. Mobile equipment should not be left unattended without the emergency brake applied and/or the machine blocked.
  4. Ignition keys are to be removed when servicing until job is complete.
  5. When, due to the nature of the job, a driver or mobile equipment operator requires signals from another person, a standard set of signals will be used and only one person will be permitted to give signals to the operator.
Field Personnel

Field workers must always be aware of mobile equipment operating in the area. Use the following guidelines to reduce the risk of personal injury.


  • Wear a fluorescent traffic vest at all times.
  • Ensure that the operator sees you.


  • Walk beside, in front, or behind mobile equipment that is operating.
  • Ever position yourself between the swing radius of articulating machinery and other stationary objects.
  • Assume an operator can always see you.
  • Use the bucket as a work platform or as means of personnel transport.

3.13a sample Bobcat 853 Skid Steer Loader manual

3.13b sample Bobcat 853 Skid Steer Loader specs